What is a Driving school?

Driving school is a formal class or program designed for the education of drivers the education program is a combination of practical, online and theoretical session and the course covers practical knowledge and experience of driving on the road online sessions have a videos and slow-motion explanations of techniques and also provides the brief of technical knowledge videos may also be shown to demonstrate proper driving strategies and the consequences for not observing the rules. about the vehicle the theoretical sessions contains traffic code or laws and vehicle operation. Generally instructions are also provided on dangerous conditions in driving such as road conditions, and bad weather conditions. Then the drivers are taken a driving test or examination after which a learners or driving license is issued by the government.

The main motive of the driving schools is to provide the drivers complete knowledge of driving other than the printed driving handbooks or manuals and prepares students for tests to obtain a driver’s license. Generally the training is provided with the help of an instructor and a car fitted with dual controls, which has pedals or other controls on the passenger side as well as the driver’s side, and the passenger’s side controls can be used when required. The training is provided in such a way because of the reason of the training being provided on the road and to make the students friendly with the road and rules.

Generally the course consists of 14 theoretical lessons, 18 practical lessons i.e. 10on the road during the day or wee hours, 3 night time, 5 on highways or country roads, some extra classes are also taken if required and then the student is prepared for the driving test to attain the license the formalities of the license are also taken care by the driving school by charging some extra costs.The terms conditions and the tests differ according to the countries government laws.

The step by step course structure is usually firstly getting registered from a reputed and legalized driving school then select the class timings according to the requirements then comes the practical and theory classes generally taken for a batch of students but the practical lessons are given individually then comes in the requirements of extra classes if required by charging some extra bucks especially when the students’ needs to learn fast then a series of tests follow both theory and practical then the license requirements tests are continued for issuing license to the learners.

It is not mandatory to follow the whole procedure if the student is trained or has learned earlier but could not complete the required curriculum can be followed by a joint decision of the trainee, trainer and the driving school authorities.

Benefits of Driving Schools

Driving schools are class rooms program designed for the education of drivers it can be online or through a driving school under the assistance of drivers the classes are designed to facilitate the learning process through theory, practical or online sessions depending on the requirement and the interest of the students, then the students have to go through a driving test after which a learners or driving license is issued by the government, but when learning online there are specially designed quizzes and tests after which the students are awarded certificates.

The main benefit of driving school is that provides complete knowledge of driving and prepares the students for tests to obtain a driver’s license. The process of training is provided under the guidance of an instructor and a special car fitted with dual controls, the main motive of the training is to make the students friendly with the road and rules, and help them gain license, the school makes arrangements for the driving tests by charging some extra bucks and when the students pass the tests they can attain license. While learning some of the schools provide learners license.

Another benefit of the driving school is the course material, that is in the form of a handbook that provides all the details and rule of the roads the students can go through the book and gain additional knowledge, it can also be used a s a reference, the books also have the safety and first aid details and provide brief knowledge of the mechanical details of the vehicle of assistance in case of any kind of emergencies.

The driving schools also have the facility of online training where the students can learn at their continence, the online driving courses are certified and the students have to log-in and the lesson starts at the end of each lesson there are attractively designed quizzes the students have to pass the quiz o move further with the course and at the end of the sessions the student is delivered a certificate free of charge by the driving school, all the students require is a computer with broadband connection. The online training schools also have the facility of 24/7 service to clarify the doubts of the students and to answer there queries.

The driving schools provide qualified and experienced staff for the students to facilitate them with the learning process the trained professionals have years of experience and are experts in driving.

The curriculum is designed with a combination of practical knowledge and experience of driving on the road, online sessions have a videos for explanations of techniques and a brief of technical knowledge and driving strategies then next is the theoretical session contains traffic code or laws safety and first aid measures.

Lastly most of the driving schools have the facility of designing a driving course based on the requirements of the individual for example if the student require a driving license in lesser span of time, then the driving schools arranges special classes and charges extra from the student.

Different Services of a Truck driving school

Truck driving schools are especially designed school to teach the students how to drive eighteen wheelers, or heavy trucks and larger vehicles the course not just teaches driving but also provides related information and complete knowledge on laws, rules and regulations of driving cross country or within own state and general mechanical details and first aid.

The training methodology depends on the type of truck driving different truck drivers require different training like.

Auto haulers work this kind of work requires special skills and training as the work revolves around loading and operating the truck in a specialized manner.

Dry Van drivers are the truck drivers who especially deal with the delivery of non-perishable goods these are the majority of trucks on the highways.

Dry Bulk drivers deal with delivery of bulk products like bulk sand, salt, and cement, among other things. They are provided special training while delivering the bulks as they use the pressurized air to unload their product.

Flat Bed drivers the drivers deal with the delivery of large bulky items like tanks, steel pipes and lumber. Drivers require the ability to balance the load correctly and the especially designed training program deals with the minute details related to it.

LTL drivers i.e. less than truck load drivers this deals with the delivery of lighter goods like cotton the delivery area is generally local and the goods are delivered and unloaded by the driver at multiple locations.

Reefer drivers deal with the delivery of refrigerated or frozen goods generally food products. Local drivers the job deals with the delivery of goods within the limits of their hometowns or only to nearby towns, generally within the state.

Household Goods drivers, the delivery deals with personal properties of individuals or families in cases like delivery of goods of families who are moving from one home to another. Interstate drivers deal with the delivery of goods cross border and often cover distances of thousands of miles generally they travel in teams consisting of cleaners and other driver but it is optional.

Team drivers are two drivers who take turns driving the same truck in shifts.

Tanker drivers deal with the delivery of liquids, such as diesel fuel, milk, & crude oil, and dry bulk materials, such as plastics, sugar, flour, & cement in tanks. Liquid tanker drivers need special driving skills due to the load balance changing from the liquid movement.

There are three major types of truck drivers

Owner-operators these are individuals who own the trucks they drive and can either lease their trucks by contract or drive on their own the truck can even be leased for driving.

Company drivers are employees of a particular trucking company and drive trucks provided by their employer to different destinations.

Independent Owner- is the owners of the trucks and drive their own truck

Truck driving school

Truck driving schools provide Commercial trucks driver’s license as a truck driving license is required for a career as a truck driver and training through a specialized instructional program or course designed to prepare an individual to obtain a truck driver’s license. Most of the truck driving training schools train drivers for a class that allows the license holder to drive a tractor or truck that weighs over 26,000 pounds. During training, students are taught the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass a series of tests to obtain their license.

Firstly the trainees are provided a learner’s permit that allows a student truck driver to practice driving skills on public roads under the assistance of a licensed truck driver or instructor. A student graduates training program only after receiving the licensed approval that he or she can comfortably and safely drive a truck.

There are basically three types of truck driving schools or programs offered the learners Each type of program has different characteristics, so the learners firstly need to evaluate there need and accordingly evaluate the type of school right for themselves. The length of the training programs varies from school to school. Programs can range from a few weeks up to 6 months to complete, depending on whether the program is part-time or full-time , the different types of truck driving schools are community colleges offer programs that are less expensive in comparison to the other driving schools but the facilities and services are not up-to the make and the duration of the program is also consumes a lot of time to come to completion, this is advantageous for the slow learners as they have all the time to learn the art of driving but not feasible for individuals who require a driving license for the driving purpose.

Private truck driving schools are in business oriented and provide training that is so they results-oriented. Most private truck driving schools offer financial aid and job placement assistance these schools also offer training to the employees on behalf of their employers. This is known as “contract” training. The charges are a bit higher but the training provided is excellent and results can be seen in time. Schools operated by trucking companies can allow students to learn to drive with lower costs or sometimes no costs, but there are conditions and obligations go along with arrangement. These programs are usually quicker and range between 2 to 4 weeks.

AAA driving school

AAA stands for American Automobile Association, Inc. In order to be affiliated with AAA, each club must agree to contribute or provide certain standard services to its own club members and the members of the other AAA clubs. The services and the dues may differ from one AAA club to the other depending on the territory or state that the club exists that is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs.There are many AAA clubs and each AAA club is an independent non-profitable organization, which in its own state and is controlled by its own Board of Directors. The dues and services will vary slightly between clubs.

The various Benefits of the AAA clubs for the Travelers

* AAA clubs provide roadside assistance while traveling to the locations that are new or while first time traveling.

* AAA clubs provide travel related materials and information for free to its members while visiting to various locations or while visiting foreign locations.

* AAA club Members can visit one or more than 900 of AAA international clubs offices to avail assistance from club offices after arrival for free but this facility is only for the club members.

* On presentation of a valid membership card, AAA clubs will provide travel materials and touring information to its members only.

* Club members can show their membership card and avail savings extended to members of other national and international clubs. According to this program the offer on savings is valid on clubs in United States & Canada and various countries around the world.

To avail all the above services the individuals need to contact the AAA clubs and the AAA office addresses can be found in all telephone directories.

Since its founding, AAA has provided safety and driving education programs for the public. The driving training classes emphasize safety and provide individual attention and develop the drivers skills levels the various AAA Driver Training Courses are Business Drivers specially designed training program for the drivers who deal with driving as a business then the next is the Mature Drivers who are professional or are aged persons and require to master the art of driving and special courses for Driver Improvement programs and services for improving individuals driving skills.

There are various other benefits of the AAA clubs membership card some of them are:

The members are provided the facility International and Inter-American Driving Permits.

Special permits for Disabled persons called the disabled Permit.

The members facilitated with the service of permission of purchasing a Vehicle to Export.

The members can have a Camping Cards that internationally acceptable.

Passport information and guidelines are also provided to the membership holders of the AAA clubs